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Kandesn® Protective Foundation SPF 15


So Light You Won't Even Feel It.

Recommended Usage:

Place a small amount of Kandesn® Protective Foundation SPF 15 on a sponge and blend evenly over face.


Kandesn® Protective Foundation SPF 15 is unlike any foundation you've ever tried. No others can match the silky feel, smooth coverage, and nourishing protection of our foundation.


Highly pigmented yet lightweight, so you won't feel like you're wearing anything on your face. Use of the highest quality ingredients like jojoba oil and vegetable-origin squalane, a fine natural oil that works in harmony with the body's own oils. Provides both UVA/UVB protection from the sun. Maintains the natural pH balance of our skin. Lets your skin breathe and gives it a smooth, supple look.

Why It Is Better

Even the more expensive retail brands of foundation sometimes use pore-clogging and cheap ingredients, such as mineral oil, lanolin, and petroleum by-products. We never use those ingredients. Our foundation glides on like silky milk, without suffocating your skin, because we only use natural herbal ingredients that work with, not against, the skin.



Kandesn® Advanced Skin Care Set








Sunriderʼs incomparable collection of makeup is known as Kandesn® Color Cosmetics. Our makeup has a spectrum of fashionable colors to enhance the beauty of women around the globe. The only makeup line exclusively formulated using the Philosophy of Regeneration™ , our luxury cosmetics moisturize, protect, and beautify the skin. Kandesn® Color Cosmetics is the clear choice for women who demand the best.


Features & Benefits

• Made with the finest botanical and herbal ingredients

that moisturize skin as they beautify.

• Contains vegetable-origin squalane, a superior

ingredient that harmonizes with skin’s natural oils.

• Allows your skin to breathe and will not clog the pores.

• Can be used on all skin types, and skin tones.

• Wide range of colors is translucent to allow skin’s

natural beauty to come through


Owner Expertise & State-of-the-Art Manufacturing


All Sunrider® products are researched, developed, formulated, and manufactured with owner expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing. This ensures that our products are superior in quality, concentration, effectiveness, and safety.


Market Appeal

• Great replacement for other brands of cosmetics: once

you try Kandesn®

, we are confident you won’t ever use

another brand.

• Why risk irritation, allergies, and breakouts caused by

cheap petroleum-based ingredients commonly found in

other brands?

• Cosmetics are known to sell even during the worst

economic downturns: Kandesn®

can provide a stable

source of income even during hard times.

• Our beauty products are popular gifts for special



“When we launched Kandesn® Color Cosmetics, my wife and I didn’t want cosmetics that just covered the skin. We wanted cosmetics that helped the skin while making women feel beautiful. Our exclusively formulated make-up uses the best natural ingredients such as antioxidants to protect the skin.We also use sunscreen, jojoba oil, and vegetable-origin squalane, one of the most expensive and most potent moisturizers. The squalane found in many other skin care products comes from shark livers. Because we use such high-quality ingredients, our makeup applies smoothly and won’t settle into lines and wrinkles. “Like all Kandesn® skin care products, our Kandesn® Color Cosmetics do not contain mineral oil, petroleum byproducts, or animal-derived proteins and oils. They are manufactured in our own state-of-the-art facilities under very strict quality control.”


Dr. Tei-Fu Chen,

Founder and Chairman of the Board,

Sunrider International