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  Sharon Stone  
  "I LIKE ? TEA, IT'S AN HERBAL CLEANSING TEA." Sharon Stone, Harper's Bazaar interview  
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The most Amazing Profitable Trend in Health and Nutrition is 5000 years old.

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Thirty Years of Growth, Stability, and Long Term Residual Income






We are Independent Business Owners for Sunrider International. Sunrider is a company that helps people own a franchise type business, for a minimal cost. Sunrider invests hundreds of millions of dollars in research, development and manufacturing to produce the highest quality, unique, effective, and safe to consume products. Sunrider products are considered Clean Food. Sunrider provides us with everything we need to own a business. They offer world-wide operations, customer service reps, information services, accounting, management, distribution, and training. Sunriders mission as well as ours is to improve the quality of your life by offering the worlds finest quality of concentrated herbal foods and beverages, made of whole food herbs with live enzymes to nourish, balance and cleanse the whole body. With Sunrider we can show you how to regenerate healthy new cells.


What Are Clean Foods?


Accurately predicted by the Trends Research Institute, the Clean Food movement has exploded over the past 15 years and shows no signs of letting up. As baby boomers age and are faced with their mortality, they are turning to food, dietary supplements and alternative medicine to enhance the quality and length of their lives. Along with young people who have grown up with a concern for the environment, they both want a diet that has been described as going “beyond organic”. The keys are “foods free of artificial preservatives, coloring, irradiation, synthetic pesticides, fungicides, ripening agents, fumigants, drug residues and growth hormones” and those that are “processed, packaged, transported and stored to retain maximum nutritional value.” Today’s savvy consumer also wants transparency from their food and supplement sources as well as convenience and value. We were fortunate to discover a company that delivers all of the above in spades and has been doing so consistently for close to 30 years


The Philosophy of Regeneration

Nourish + Cleanse = Balance:


The blueprint for every Sunrider product, the Philosophy of Regeneration is the reason why Sunrider products are unique, effective, and high quality. Consider five horses pulling a chariot. The five horses represent the body's five major systems. If one horse runs too fast or too slow, it will affect the other horses and tip the balance of the chariot. The Chariot only runs smoothly when all five horses run in harmony. Similarly, our body enjoys health when all five systems are balanced.


Foods, not Chemicals:

The body is designed to recoginze foods, not chemicals. A fish breaks down into protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. However, mixing those chemicals back together will not make a fish. What's missing is the life structure that your body recognizes as food.



There is no perfect ingredient: each ingredient has a strong point and weak point. Variety is necessary for a healthy, balanced body.


Formulation & Concentration:

Dr. Chen leverages the strength of one ingredient to cover the weakness of another in his formulas. To manufacture his formulas, Dr. Chen developed a trade-secret manufacturing process that extracts and concentrates the beneficial nutrients while minimizing the negative aspects of ingredients. Dr. Chen can implement the Philosophy of Regeneration because of his expertise, knowledge, and creativity.


State of the Art Manufacturing:

Sunrider researches, develops, and manufactures our own products according to the Philosophy of Regeneration. Sunrider products are the highest quality and cannot be duplicated by anyone else. We own approximately two million square feet of premier manufacturing space worldwide. We have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in our state of the art facilities. We use pharmaceutical grade machinery, specially cutomized for our trade secret process. Our facilities and production methods are safe, clean, ethical, green, and conform to good manufacturing practices.


What is direct selling?

Let us show you what an ethical opportunity is all about!.